About Us

“Puself was established to produce only smart cargo lockers with our partnership with over 20 years of manufacturing and trading experience.

In our opinion, e-commerce will be the shopping method of the future. Technological devices will facilitate e-commerce. By investing in these technologies, we aim to benefit society and our future.

We have the technical and software skills needed to produce a smart cargo locker. We are proud to present these experiences for the benefit of society.

We enjoy raising young people who want to gain software and technical experience in this field.

Our main goal is to produce environmentally friendly works that provide more benefits to humanity in our work.”


Our strength is technology

As a technology company, with the power of our strength and quality, we provide state-of-the-art solutions and first-class customer service at affordable budgets, enabling our customers to offer a safer, safer and more accessible smart cargo lockers / delivery point experience.


From the past to the future

We develop infrastructures suitable for future generations and technologies with the experience of our strong partnership structure, which has a deep-rooted 20-year history.


A livable world

Thanks to the technologies we produce, we contribute to a more sustainable environment for future generations. We minimize the damages to the environment, nature, human and living things, global warming and the world while traveling to 100 different destinations with a fossil fuel motor vehicle of a courier who leaves 100 boxes in 1 smart cargo locker.


Respect for future generations

In all our work, we see it as our duty to approach our employees, children, women, future generations, generation z, differences, the disabled, our customers, our suppliers, our customers’ customers, in other words, all humanity.


We learn with pleasure

We develop ourselves, our teams and our suppliers through continuous training with our entire team.