Software Solution

Screen designs suitable for Locker screens and mockups and which can be easily used by the customer, courier and maintenance team
Front End
React / JS studies for the effective use of “proactive user interface” that can work in accordance with UX and UI designs
Back End
Background codes, databases and communication programs with the server, camera communications, in which the information coming from the “User Interface” and the portal is processed
Embedded Software
Embedded communication mechatronic coding with systems such as electronic cards, locks, sensors, leds with the codes coming from the backend
Server-Side Programming
Server-side software that provides the infrastructure for remote communication, management and integration with customer software of all lockers
A system where the customer team can easily access the server and manage all lockers, monitor cameras and images, and track and manage products, devices and fault records.
Integration infrastructures based on the completion of the works in a very short time, which can be easily communicated with customer systems with less code method.