Features that make Puself different

We are with you with all our strength with our experienced teams to make your investment with Puself successful.

As a smart cargo cabinet manufacturer, we develop not only locker production, but also our locker software with our strong team.
We make the necessary implementations in software infrastructures in accordance with your company, so we make the software suitable for your company’s methods.
Cargo / package tracking processes can work integrated with us through your software, or if you want, we can manage this side of the business.
Our only job is not to risk your success. As Puself, we only work on smart cargo cabinet production/development/support processes. We have no other business than smart cargo lockers. That’s why we are very strong in this area.
In order for your customers to have the best experience after installation, our 24/7 call center answers calls with our dedicated teams and works to satisfy customers.
Our professional maintenance and service teams stand by and respond quickly to all kinds of problems so that customers are satisfied.
If you want, we can provide the package tracking system software for your customers.

What does Puself do?

We are expanding the carrier-independent package cabinet network.

We plan to work with a variety of package carriers and retail partners. Our goal is to reach the capacity to produce 2,000 smart cargo cabinets per year. Soon you will see Puself smart cargo lockers in shopping malls, all neighborhoods and streets.

Covid-19 has greatly increased e-commerce volumes. Also, the demand for contactless, automated services has increased. A healthy solution for online shopping lovers and couriers.

Online customers choose the Puself locker they prefer while shopping online and direct their orders to the most suitable location. Parcel shipping and delivery to devices are provided by couriers.

Think of it this way, because you were not at home or you landed in a supermarket, the cargo could not find you and the package you were waiting for returned. Instead, you can buy the product left in the smart cargo locker near your home at any time of the day, night or weekend.

It shows that the use of smart cargo lockers creates customer loyalty and customers tend to e-commerce more. Smart cargo lockers have started to take place rapidly in developed countries and many countries of the world, especially in our country.

Puself continues to offer better solutions to its customers day by day by producing high quality smart cargo lockers.